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Would you like to meet me first
to see if we are a fit?

We can do that... I offer a Meet & Greet Video Session designed to say hello and see if what you need I can help you find.  This session is at no cost to you.

If you are an active coaching client and are in urgent need to speak with me, please reach out to me via direct email or the text number given to you, and write *urgent* in the message.

If you need to contact me to reschedule please reach out via the confirmation email sent to you after booking.

I respond to all messages received within 24hrs. I am located in the Eastern Time Zone and am typically available between 1pm - 7pm EST Monday to Friday weekend/holiday hours vary

Thank you         ~Jenn

Are you Thinking about Self Harm or Suicide?

I understand that you may be going through some very difficult times and we know how upsetting situations can be. 

Self harm and Suicidal Thoughts are very serious, which I am always concerned about. 

It may mean you need a level of help that I am unable to provide urgently

and as such I have provided some links below to suicide help lines and websites

I urge you to seek them out and give them a try please. 

This one has a list of suicide help lines in many countries around the world.

I truly empathize with what you are going through and care about you as I have been where you are myself,

Send me an email or book my next available session and lets talk it out. ~Jenn

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