You are not meant to be confused on your journey called life. instead take action, find clarity and enjoy the adventure

Choice           Chance           Change
you must make the choice and take the chance if you want anything in your life to change

Certification and Accreditation in the following:

CBT, DBT, ACT, REBT, Solution Focused Therapy, NPD and Behavior Psychology

Specializing in Transforming Trauma into Healing & Surviving Narcissistic Relationships

You, Only Better

It's Time to Live Your Life, Better!

Let's Get to Work Addressing the issues and current areas of your life where you want to see the change happen!

Relationship Dynamics  ~ Health & Wellness ~ Financial/Career Situations

relationship repair

Focus on the dynamics of  Relationships

For People Looking to make their Love Life Happy and Balanced.

Communication, Trust, Intimacy, Infidelity

Singles Welcome!  LGBTQ Friendly

Author, Transformational Life & Relationship Coach

 Jenn is a compassionate, caring and empathic professional who chooses to focus on a solution more so than the problem, and the proactive steps to make change to be successful.
In her book "You, Only Better"  she brings to the surface personal choices we can make to help our situations, and our relationships more healthy and fulfilling personally and for our partners.
She knows that all relationships are in constant change, and while growth should be a main theme, sometimes Communication, Trust, Intimacy, and Infidelity become issues which get in the way of a healthy partnership
Jenn can help Repair your current Relationship
or deal with past issues that need resolution before moving into a future partnership.
Jenn will help you focus on the dynamics of Love and Romantic Relationships because she knows you are looking to make your Relationships and Life Happy, Healthy and Balanced.
Personal Coaching & Couples Welcome!
Relationships with family, siblings, friends and in the workplace are also important to be healthy and functional, and Jenn can help with these connections as well. LGBTQ Friendly. It's Time to Live Your Life, Better!
Jenn is available to help you get to work addressing the issues and current areas of your life
and relationships where you want to see the change happen!

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